Bajrangi Dhaam

Bajrangi Dhaam is a center for propagating and nourishing the Vedic culture. It is a center where the essence of Vedangans is genuinely spread. Here you will find the following different things happening under the strict supervision of its mentor Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

  • Hawans and Rituals performed under Vedic rules.
  • Knowledge of astrology spread through classroom and distant/skype learning programs.
  • Analysis of Horoscope/Kundli by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.
  • Spreading of Vedic knowledge through various mediums like:
  1. Various TV Channels
  2. Various news channels
  3. Holding seminars in Bajrangi Dhaam
  4. Conducting workshops in different parts of India
  5. Holding seminars around the world.
  6. Spreading knowledge through facebook, youtube,Instagram, etc
  7. Financing the underprivileged kids to study.

It is the adobe to Dr. Vinay Bajrangi who masters the art of predicting future. A scholar of a different form of Vedic astrological sciences, some the traits which he has mastered are:

  • Parashari Astrology
  • Brighu Astrology
  • KP Astrology
  • Gemini Astrology
  • 11 of the south Indian Nadis, he is a doctorate in Chandra Kala Nadis.
  • Swar Vigyan

By the application of the above traits and few others which he has gathered by experience, he is not less than a maestro in:

  • Deducing the correct birth time, which is the birth time rectification.
  • Matching of charts
  • Interrelation of finer charts.
  • Reading charts beyond the Shodash Varga.
  • Name suggestion for individual or company.
  • Pre-marriage counseling after seeing the relevant charts.
  • Post- marriage counseling.
  • Subject selection.
  • Career selection
  • Gems specialist
  • Upheavals corrector
  • Matching of charts for marriage.
  • Matching of charts for partnership.
  • Dilution hackles in partnership
  • Depression diffusion specialist.
  • Rowdy children specialist.

A unique feature worth a mention here is this technique of karma Korrection. This Videc technique if applied corrects the karma of person and facilitate him to lead a happy life without following burdensome rituals. His presentations on this have bought him many laurels both nationally and internationally. He efficiently reads the past life karma and suggests a way to rectify the faults.

Bhagya Samhita is another product of Bajrangi Dhaam, which is authored by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. It is different for every individual as the basis of it is the horoscope of the Native. It is North Indian version of south Indian Nadis.

He periodically writes for many leading newspapers such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, Hindustan, Dainik Jagran to name a few.

Bajrangi Dhaam has a following of many people from India and from around the globe, and the base is increasing continuously.