Bajrangi Dhaam Helps You from The Troubling Saturn

The instinctive nature of Saturn is to pronounce misery. The quantum of these sufferings is in proportion to the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. The natal position of Saturn in a horoscope depicts the offend against God committed in the yester lives for which one has to necessarily repent whereas the transiting Saturn or the Gocharath Shani makes one pay for the offences committed in this life.

BAJRANGI DHAAM explains as Saturn remains in a sign for 30 months, its inspection of the karmas for that sign continues for these many months and consequently nothing escapes His eyes. The Shanisharaya or the slow mover Shani has after long changed its sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius, which means that the people with Sagittarius moon sign have come directly under its ambit. The dreaded Shani’s Sade Satti has now set the natives of Tula Rashi or Moon sign free, and has captured people with moon sign Makar or Aquarius.

Bajrangi Dhaam further elaborate that the fear of this sade-saati is such that natives perform all sought of tedious rituals to escape its wrath but are never told about the karmas that are to be corrected. Saturn is the only planet which can ridicule all your offerings, rituals, ceremonies if you do nothing about changing some of your hidden styles and negative karmas which offend Him. In simpler words, Saturn cannot be pleased by only lavish offerings, mantra and rituals.

The onslaught of Saturn if not checked can result in havoc in many area of life like the friends can turn foes, faces sanctions from the government, pandemonium at home, uncalled for altercations resulting in disturbance of peace, rise of unruly relatives, inessential losses and above all, a fragmented career.

BAJRANGI DHAM educates you that not checking this Saturn can convert a mole into a mountain and if this happens little can be done. Before it strikes, it is always recommended to get the horoscope analyzed as this Saturn hits not only the rashis involved in sade satti but cuff every rashi with varying degree.

BAJRANGI DHAAM relieves you from the fear as a myth or superstition that Shani Sade Satti is always harmful rather teaches you more how to correct your Karmas & prepare ourselves in a positive manner. So visit BAJRANGI DHAAM personally in Sector 66 Noida.

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Bajrangi Dhaam in Noida is the most modern and well-equipped center for astrological research in Northern India. Well equipped because the various treatise of Vedic astrology is tested and applied by none other than Dr. Vinay Bajrangi himself and for that matter, this Vedic science is again coming to life with an entirely new meaning.

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