BAJRANGI DHAAM relieves you from the scare of most hated planets Rahu and Ketu – the Karmic Planets

The knowledge that ancient fortune-tellers gained, which they imparted to other astrology enthusiasts, is often misinterpreted by many. However at BAJRANGI DHAAM you are explained very transparently what the ancient astrologers actually said i.e.  “Rahu, the Karmic inlet center, manifests ‘divine knowledge’ while Ketu, it’s Karmic outlet counterpart, represents ‘liberation’. Their power to overwhelm the celestial bodies in the sky, namely sun and moon, is one of the most discernible reasons to classify them as pessimistic planets in the solar system.

Most people, under unjust fear, indulge in various rituals, recommended by their astrologer. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the popular Hindu Vedic astrologer in Bajrangi Dhaam (spiritual astrology center), says, “instead of following a series of prolonged rituals, blindly, without knowing the certainty of it’s effects, it is wise to take the help of both Rahu and Ketu and get the most of them. The perfect placement of these nodes of life in the horoscope is like a windfall that keeps the individuals away  from their sufferings and elate them. On the other hand, if they are not placed correctly, the effects can be mercilessly daunting,” he adds.

BAJRANGI DHAM actually believes that in fact, Rahu is the real benefactor. It offers an individual a high level of intellect, boldness, innovative ideas, compassion, diplomatist tendencies, and futuristic thoughts. Some astrologers call Rahu the negative moon as the above qualities know how to come to view when the lower principles of it act. In the same way, the lower principles of the negative sun, when operates calmness, theyencourage disorientation, solitary, and dislike, and spirituality becomes a double standard.

These negativities of the lunar nodes must be regularly checked so as to prevent the hell from swaying you; don’t let them negatively influence you. Instead, take their help; let them recommend only benefits for you from every planet in your horoscope.

If you want to know your true self, come to Bajrangi Dhaam, and talk to Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. For more details, visit Or, call 9278555588/9278555555.

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Bajrangi Dham

Bajrangi Dhaam in Noida is the most modern and well-equipped center for astrological research in Northern India. Well equipped because the various treatise of Vedic astrology is tested and applied by none other than Dr. Vinay Bajrangi himself and for that matter, this Vedic science is again coming to life with an entirely new meaning.

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