BAJRANGIDHAAM explains Karma Tricone Saga (Traditional Story) Balances Astrologically

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BAJRANGI DHAAM simply that Karma Tricone is a power triangle in a horoscope, the three sides of which represent three qualities – will power, knowledge and action. The triangle should essentially be equilateral, but realistically, it is not, greatly influencing one or two sides. A balancing act of this power triangle is called correcting your karma, which can be done only by an accomplished guru. Karma Correction is an approach that Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, whose abode Bajrangi Dhaam, a divine astrological center, follows in determining the causes of the problems and showing the right path, in order to get away from the problems.

To achieve success, firstly, you’ve set achievable goals. The next important thing is that you have to do everything you can to achieve it; best efforts are equally important.When you feel the target is just a stone’s throw away and success is around the corner from, but all the roads leading to glory abruptly get bunged up, your dream will be shattered. “At this point, having this triangle checked is very crucial,” says Dr Vinay Bajrangi  who has done tens of hundreds of Karma Correction for people coming to Bajrangi Dhaam. 

At BAJRANGI DHAAM, you are explained that If a business has flourished in the beginning, but the profits have dropped, then the time it was started is supposed to be blamed. An individual might have carefully chosen the best job, out of two or three offers he has got, for himself, but encounters some problems gradually. After extensive research and analysis, one might have done an investment, but might not get the desired results.Finally, a couple united after the right marital match might be having some disagreements. You have made the right decision, but might have had a glitch in the Karma Tricone. If these problems are not attended to in a timely manner, situations can get worse.The most important thing that is missed is activating the right planets at an infallible time, in an appropriate way. This is what most of the people coming to Bajrangi Dhaam, with various problems, had missed. So, divine astrologer Vinay Guruji at Bajrangi Dhaam focuses on balancing these three qualities.

According to Vedanga, the three qualities – knowledge, will, and action, are a manifestation of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (operation), and Shiva (action). Karma Tricone is the balance of these three qualities, and people that have taken care of Karma Tricone without just concentrating on rituals have tasted success. This is why Dr. Bajrangi from Bajrangi Dhaam does Karma Correction first before embarking on drawn out rituals. So, get connected to him at or call 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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Bajrangi Dhaam in Noida is the most modern and well-equipped center for astrological research in Northern India. Well equipped because the various treatise of Vedic astrology is tested and applied by none other than Dr. Vinay Bajrangi himself and for that matter, this Vedic science is again coming to life with an entirely new meaning.

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